How to activate Matrice 100 Drone with Intel NUC as onboard computer

In this article I have written what and all required to set-up to work with DJI onboard SDK. ( Download – How to activate Matrice 100 Drone with Intel NUC as onboard computer )

  1.    Download the DJI PC Assistant 2 software for Windows/Mac.

            Download the DJI GO App to your mobile device.

  1.  Update Aircraft and flight controller to latest firmware versions.
  2. You must register with DJI as a developer and create an application ID and Key pair.

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Hardware setup

  1. DC-DC power supply – to draw power from M100 (
  1. USB to TTL cable  (
  1. Directly wire TTL End of cable to UART cable (UART is provided with drone) and plug it to UART Can2 port in drone (As shown in figures).

Software setup


  1. The OSDK API needs to be enabled to allow communication between the onboard computer and the aircraft or flight controller also change to F mode in RC.
  2. With your aircraft/flight controller connected to your PC/Mac, launch DJI Assistant 2 and check the box marked Enable API Controlon the SDK
  3. Set baud rate as 230400 it should be same in DJI Assistant 2.

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  1. You need to add your user to the dialout group to obtain read/write permissions for the UART communication.

  Type  sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER in a terminal

  1. Mention your appid and key in respective files (File location varies based on the platform of the SDK)
  2. Give read and write permissions to serial port.

sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0


Set up and build samples



Getting out from “Fake Serial Key” in IDM

Hello Friends !!

If you are having problems with download manager and want No More “Fake Serial Key” pop-ups than uninstall it completely.

Just follow this tutorial, It would help you.



1- First exit the download manager by right-clicking the IDM icon in tray.
Than click exit.
2. Go To Control Panel:
Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP)
Programs and Features (Windows 7)
Select Internet Download Manager and Uninstall it.
3. Select “Complete” in first window.

4. After uninstallation a window will open.
Click on Cancel. Don’t restart the PC.



Now to Remove the Registery Keys.

1. Go To Start Menu.
Windows Xp–> type regedit.exe in Run Command.
Windows 7–> Just type regedit in Search Box.
Open it.

2. When Reg. editor opened. Press F3 or Go To Edit Menu and Select
Find Next. A Box will appear.

3. Type “Internet Download Manager” .   (without “”)
Find Next.

4. Delete the found Registry and Press F3 again for any remaining regsitery.

Do it until it says “Finished searching through resgitery”.
Now Close it.


Do these Steps:

1. Download CCleaner from here. Download CCleaner
A user friendly handy tool to keep your system clean and make it fast.

2. Install and Run CCleaner.exe to remove any shorcuts/jump lists/broken links of IDM.

3. Select Registry from Left Pane and Click on “Scan for Issues” when Scan finished
Click on Fix Selected Issues.
Say No to Registry Backup and Fix All Issues.

4. Now Restart PC.