Launching of EC2 instance.

Hi All,

I have been working on “Amazon Web Services”  from last two months.

I will be showing, how to launch EC2 Instance in this post.

To launch an instance

  1. Open the EC2 console.
  2. From the console dashboard, click Launch Instance.
  3. On the Create a New Instance page, click Quick Launch Wizard. (This wizard automatically selects many configuration settings for you, so that you can get started quickly.)
  4. (Optional) In Name Your Instance, enter a name for the instance that has meaning for you. (If you run multiple instances, naming them helps you identify them in the console.)
  5. In Choose a Key Pair, click Select Existing, and then select the key pair that you created when getting set up.A key pair enables you to connect to a Linux instance through SSH. Therefore, don’t select the None option. If you launch your instance without a key pair, then you can’t connect to it.
  6. In Choose a Launch Configuration, the Quick Launch Wizard displays a list of basic Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that serve as templates for your instance. Select the 64-bit Amazon Linux AMI. Notice that this configuration is marked “Free tier eligible.”
    Launch instance start
  7. Click Continue to view and customize the settings for your instance.
  8. In Security Details, under Security Group, you’ll see that the wizard created and selected a security group for you. Instead, select the security group that you created when getting set up using the following steps:
    1. Click Edit details.
    2. Select Security Settings.
    3. Select your security group from the list of existing security groups.
      Launch instance security settings
    4. Click Save details.
  9. Review your settings, confirming that you are launching a t1.micro instance using an Amazon Linux AMI, and then click Launch to launch the instance.
  10. A confirmation page lets you know that your instance is launching. Click Close to close the confirmation page and return to the console.
  11. Click Instances in the navigation pane to view the status of your instance. It takes a short time for an instance to launch. The instance’s status is pendingwhile it’s launching.
    Instance pending

    After the instance is launched, its status changes to running.

    Instance running
    Smile, Successfully EC2 instance has been created.
    In next post i will be explaining how to install in CodeIgniter on EC2.